"Fun Fun Fun‎ By obiwantwosix@gmail.com - Oct 2, 2007‎ Decent sushi at a reasonable price that comes in a fun, clean environment full of courteous staff. I would recommend them to any first time sushi eater as you get to see what you are ordering on their picture menus and the train itself‎."

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Quality sushi that tastes great can be hard to find. Finding that same quality sushi that tastes great, but at an affordable price, is too much to ask, right? Not at Sushi Train! Skip the other sushi restaurants and visit Sushi Train in Tulsa, Oklahoma today! Our sushi bar is the best in town because every member of our staff is a sushi fanatic and our chefs are some of the best sushi artisans in Oklahoma. We have been studying the Japanese art of sushi so extensively and for so long, that in our sushi restaurant, you can find not only all the classic sushi rolls and nigiri, but also many one-of-a-kind creations invented by our passionate chefs. But don’t worry, if sushi is not your thing, we also offer plenty of other Japanese and Asian cuisines. So skip the other sushi restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma and head on over to Sushi Train—home of the best sushi and Japanese food in town!

Sushi Train located at 51st and Harvard Tulsa Oklahoma

Why go to some posh, expensive sushi bar, when you can get our sushi at incredibly low prices at Sushi Train? And Sushi Train Tulsa isn’t just a name, we have an actual train that winds around our restaurant carrying our delectable dishes right to you! Our color-coded plates make it easy for you to know how much you’ve spent so you can keep the cost for your sushi fix at rock bottom. We only use quality ingredients guaranteed to leave you begging for more. But how do we keep our prices so low? All of our chefs are passionate about sharing the love of sushi to everyone, and don’t want high prices to be a barrier to trying a quality sushi restaurant. So if you are looking for Asian or Japanese food, or are just sick of all of the other Tulsa restaurants, come to Sushi Train, where spreading the joy of sushi is our passion! Call us today at (918) 747-9931 or drop by our location at 51st and Harvard, next to Chili’s


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